Bill Broun

For Hellertown Borough Council

Hellertown is a beautiful, almost magically sweet little town — but it has very poor political leadership at the moment.

We can do a whole lot better.

Look at some of the articles on this website. I think I make a strong — but fair and honest — call for urgent change.

We have the highest taxes of any borough in the county, yet people don’t feel safe crossing Main Street! We’ve got ethics problems.

We have a pretty park on Water Street moms fear letting their children walk to.

We have other parks and green spaces that are dirty, ill-maintained, and neglected.


Cronyism and “insider” politics and groupthink dominate council.

There are ethically concerning connections and conflicts of interest between corporate and land development interests and the political leadership of Hellertown.

And NO ONE speaks up for residents.

Again and again and again, when residents come to council for help, they get “mansplained” out of town hall.


This campaign is about finding more creative and effective solutions to longstanding, serious problems in Hellertown.

It’s about an attitude of “how can we do better?” rather than “look how well we’ve done!”

And it’s bigger and more important than me.

I need your help. As it stands, the deck is stacked against ordinary residents. We need to work together to change that.

I’m no politician. I’m a novelist and educator who likes to play guitar on the side.

But I feel compelled to run for council because I don’t like what I’m seeing in Hellertown government. It’s not the professional employees, for the most part — it’s the political cliques. I think I can offer some needed, new perspectives — and a relentless commitment to LISTENING TO YOU

We’re being held back by an old-boys club of power-brokers and insiders who desperately want to remain in power. And as soon as they get into office, they seem to be willing to ask council for favors.

People are tired of these insiders. I hear it all the time.

What are my ideas? The main one is very simple: YOU! I want to represent the interests and voices of people who feel they aren’t being heard in local government – whether Democrat, Republican, independent, or nonpolitical.



Please take a moment to check out my take on the big issues, as I see them.

Oh, and one more thing: I pledge to donate the first year of my council salary to a local charity. Why? I consider council public service work — not a part-time opportunity to make money.

Questions? Is there an issue you want to discuss? Feel free to call me.I’m your neighbor: 484-544-9617.

On May 21, I recommend that you vote for me — and no other candidate on the Hellertown portion of the ballot — to give me the best chance of getting onto council. I promise you, I will ruin council’s stunning and shameful record of voting the same way on virtually every matter before council.

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