Bill Broun

For Hellertown Borough Council


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Hey, it sounds like the name of a new Irish folk-music band — the Old Boys of Hellertown. It’s not.

When I talk to neighbors and friends in Hellertown, too often I hear about a long-standing culture of cronyism and cliquishness in Hellertown.

“It’s been like that for years,” you hear.

But it’s much, much worse than these words convey. You probably have no idea.

Year after year, the same names occupy council seats and spots on local boards. It’s Mike So-and-So on council and his wife on that local board. And so on.

I, for one, think we could use some new faces and fresh blood. Frankly, I think just in the spirit of rotation, people should move on.

But we’re not just talking merely about a lack of rotation. What I've learned is that entrenched power backed by big developer interests controls way too much of what happens in Hellertown planning.

If you’re not “one of them,” forget it. I’ve spoken to neighbors who have come up against all this, and it’s disturbing.

You might get the ear of leaders—I mean, that’s a legal obligation, so big deal—but you won’t really be heard.

Respectful disagreement is the heart of democracy. But our current council votes the same way 97% of the time! There’s an appalling lack of debate and spirited dissent—and a strong public perception that “It’s council’s way or the highway.” That’s not democracy—that’s a rubber stamp.

Let me be your big mouth on council. I don’t care who knows who or what people’s names are. I’ll speak up for ordinary residents first. For the unsung single mom trying to balance home and finance. For the welder pulling a double to get ahead on a mortgage. For families who deserve decency, safety, and dignity in their neighborhoods. I don’t care about ruffling a few feathers.

If I’m privileged enough to be elected to council, I’ll bring a big can of Instant Individuality to all council meetings. That’s a vow.

I’m not running to make friends or to be recognized in line at Giant. I’m running to give the people who aren’t “cronies” a real voice on council.