Bill Broun

"It hurt Cuthbert to think, and it hurt to feel. Most of all, it hurt to remember."

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Praise for Night of the Animals

"Strange, witty, and engrossing ..." *Starred, boxed review — Publishers Weekly

“Highly recommended, original tour de force ...” *Starred review — Library Journal

"An impressive, richly imagined, deeply urgent story." * Starred review — Kirkus Reviews

Night of The Animals is the most beautiful, strange new novel I have read in years, and its obese, mentally ill, elderly protagonist is among the most engaging of heroes. The existence of this book in the present moment is a wonderment.” — Mary Gaitskill

“[A] dark and magical futuristic rendering of the story of the Ark... with a glittering varnish of myth and invention. The result is a novel of startling originality; it is important, mesmerizing and touching.” — Jim Crace, author of Quarantine and The Harvest

"In vivid prose that breathes and trembles like a living thing, Bill Broun brings into being a future that is just fantastical enough to tell the truth.  Night of the Animals will captivate you, surprise you, and remind you of the strange, precarious thing it is to be human." 

Alexandra Kleeman, author of You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine